Google introduces Transfer Service for fast cloud migration

Google introduces Transfer Service for fast cloud migration

One of the biggest obstacles for companies that want to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud is that they first have to move all their data to the same platform, which can be a rather time-consuming task. Google wants to help companies with that, with a tool called Transfer Service.

The company today announced the availability of the new Transfer Service for customers who want to move large amounts of their data from their on-premise storage to Google Cloud. Transfer Service is a managed solution that allows companies to migrate all that data without having to write their own software or invest in a separate solution.

Google has announced that the Transfer Service is intended to make large-scale data migration easier. The service provides a fast connection to the Google Cloud, allowing customers to quickly and securely transfer “billions of files” and “multiple petabytes of data”. The service comes with safeguards to ensure that data migration can be interrupted and resumed during the process, should any problems arise.

Ease of use

Google further claims that the use of the Transfer Service is easy. Companies must install and run the software on-premise, and then go to the Google Cloud Console. There, the necessary directories must be submitted to Cloud Storage.

“When transferring data, the service will parallelize your transfer across many agents, and then coordinate these agents to transfer your data over a secure internet connection to Cloud Storage. Transfer Service for on-premises data also features a fully self-service GUI with detailed transfer logs so that you can create, monitor, and manage transfer jobs with confidence,” Google stated.

The service is immediately available in a beta version.