Google launches premium support option for cloud service

Google launches premium support option for cloud service

In an effort to become attractive to large companies, Google Cloud is introducing a new layer in the long-established range of options for the cloud service. Premium Support focuses on large parties that perform essential operations in the cloud and can’t do without a minute.

Previously, the Production option was the best (and most expensive) option and already enabled Google Cloud to promise that in case of problems, someone would be on top within an hour. With Premium Support, that aspect has been significantly increased to a response time of fifteen minutes, clearer services and having a direct technical account manager.

Depending on how many customers consume per month, the price of the service is determined. Looking at the fill in list on the Google Cloud site where you can indicate what kind of specs a company wants, it won’t be cheap in any case: with the fewest of the fewest, you’re already looking at over ten thousand dollars a month.

Google continues battle with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft

By offering an extra layer of cloud services, Google hopes to once again compete with major competitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft. Both parties also offer cloud solutions for large companies, but a response time of a quarter of an hour is something that those two can hardly compete with.