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A ten-year contract with Sabre (a company specialising in creating software and technology for the travel industry) and a smaller contract with German company Lufthansa: Google Cloud will be attracting two major players in the travel industry at the beginning of this week.

Sabre will use Google Cloud for the next ten years and migrate the company’s entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. In addition, both parties hope to benefit from the tools that Google Cloud offers, in order to be able to offer customers an improvement.

How much is involved in the contract will not be disclosed. However, it is mentioned that Sabre spends over two hundred and sixty billion dollars annually on the services that are provided. Among others airlines, hotels, agencies and travel organisations are supported by Sabre.


German company Lufthansa will also use Google Cloud, but this collaboration will focus more on using AI to improve the customer experience. For example, Google Cloud could be used to analyze certain factors that reduce the need for passengers to wait longer for their flight. In addition, it could also come up with an alternative flight plan when bad weather throws a spanner in the works.