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Cisco announced during its Cisco Live event that it will offer companies deeper insights into all aspects of the IT infrastructure. This will be possible with the monitoring tool AppDynamics and the new upcoming Workload Optimizer tool. The company tells Techzine that new insights should lead to real-time and automated troubleshooting to ensure optimal application performance.

First of all, there is the update for AppDynamics, an independent part of Cisco that has monitoring software. The tool will have the so-called Experience Journey Map feature, which is intended to isolate errors that may result in application downtime. This automatically gives users insight into the quality of the user experience in the business-critical applications. Business and application teams should be able to collaborate better because of a single overview of business performance, user experience and application performance.

In addition, there is the new Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer, which comes with features for workload and cost optimization around hybrid architectures. The tool uses historical and real-time knowledge to proactively identify potential problems. It takes into account the performance, cost and compliance constraints. Cisco indicates that the solution can identify the root cause of so-called application degradation at any level (e.g. at container layer or deep within storage or network hardware).


At the same time, Cisco announces that AppDynamics and Workload Optimizer are now exchanging data in order to correlate the data. This gives application and infrastructure teams a shared view of “the infrastructure dependencies that affect application performance, user experience and business impact,” according to Cisco. Using a common tool and sharing datasets between applications and infrastructure should make it easier for IT teams to work together. Infrastructure teams need to keep track of business requirements in real time and keep costs and complexity under control.

Cisco plans to make the mentioned updates available in the second quarter of this year.

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