Qualcomm introduces ultra-fast X60 5nm chip

Qualcomm introduces ultra-fast X60 5nm chip

Qualcomm’s new X60 chip should become the standard in the next generation of 5G smartphones. The 5 nanometer architecture is extra efficient and offers double the transfer speed.

Qualcomm uses a five-nanometer process, which means that the chip uses less energy than the X55 model of the previous generation. It will also be smaller thanks to an improved antenna module, the QTM535. The X60 is said to be partly produced by Samsung.

According to Qualcomm, the chip is not only more efficient, but is also intended to enable faster connections. For example, Qualcomm promises a maximum download speed of 7.5 gigabits per second on 5G networks, compared to the 7 gigabits per second speed that the X55 has made possible so far.

Millimeter wave technology

Such speeds will only be available from providers that use so-called millimeter wave technology in their wireless infrastructure. Another part of the radio spectrum, known as the sub-6Ghz band, is also often used in 5G networks and causes slower connections. However, this technology works better when the transmission tower is far away from the user.

Qualcomm has also equipped the X60 with a function that makes it possible to combine millimeter wave signals with sub-6Ghz signals, which in total should improve connectivity. This possibility is one of the most important contributions to the maximum download speed of 7.5 gigabits per second mentioned above. The average download speed will also be better than with the X55, according to Qualcomm, although it has not specified by how much those averages will increase. For connections using only the sub-6Ghz band, the manufacturer promises to double the peak speeds.