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Cohesity has announced a new business edge solution. The solution should enable organizations to manage data in remote offices (Remote Office/Branch Office – ROBO) with one software-defined platform.

The new ROBO solution combines Cohesity software with servers from Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The application is designed for companies with a large number of branches. Cohesity mentions banks, retailers, chain restaurants, car rental companies, storage and distribution, pharmaceutical companies and IT services as examples. These types of branches often contain data that needs to be managed, protected and secured locally, without having dedicated IT staff on site, Cohesity says.

The solution is designed for quick and easy installation and should provide enterprises in their branch offices with the same functionality they rely on in the data center. According to Cohesity, it is the industry’s first solution to combine backup, recovery, file and object services and cloud archiving in a single platform optimized for ROBO locations.


The Cohesity solution for ROBO needs to solve administration, latency and bandwidth issues in remote locations while meeting concerns about data loss and compliance requirements from headquarters, the company claims. Once implemented, administrators can perform operations centrally – such as backup and recovery across multiple branches, as well as implement policies that ensure a copy of the data is available from the data center or the cloud in the event of local disruptions.

The company further reports that customers can also use cohesion software on certified hardware to provide file and object services (e.g., to replace local Windows file servers) and archiving features (including low-cost cloud storage options) at the edge.