Cognizant Neuro Edge aims to let organizations leverage edge compute

Cognizant Neuro Edge aims to let organizations leverage edge compute

Cognizant is extending its Neuro suite to the edge. This move is intended to make organizations much less dependent on centralized servers on-prem or in the cloud. The goal is to be able to fully deploy GenAI at the edge as well.

Cognizant cites a wide variety of potential applications for the new Neuro Edge. For example, it can help doctors make real-time decisions based on diagnostic sensors, predict malfunctions in factories and enable theft prevention via computer vision with camera images.

Edge not yet exploited

These are not new concepts regarding edge computing; by now it has been long and widely recognized that there are many untapped opportunities at this part of the IT infrastructure. However, actually deploying such functionality remains difficult, which Cognizant aims to alleviate with Neuro Edge.

“Companies are increasingly using edge computing to improve the responsiveness of their widespread devices and extract relevant insights from the data they generate,” reveals Vibha Rustagi, Global Head of IoT and Engineering at Cognizant.

“Cognizant Neuro Edge is a powerful example of Cognizant’s expertise in developing a new approach to combining on-board computing and processing with cloud services. With this platform, companies can realize a wide range of generative AI benefits in operational efficiency, cost savings and risk management.”

According to Cognizant, Neuro Edge is suitable for all industries. It is cloud-agnostic and should have no issues with a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Opportunities of AI

Cognizant has strong views on the opportunities surrounding AI, as was evident in our recent conversation with its CEO Ravi Kumar. It will shake up many fields of work, but picks up very differently for each type of work. Neuro Edge in particular seems to be an application that leverages opportunities with AI that were previously simply out of sight for IT and other workers. Preventive maintenance, streamlining logistics operations and responding to weather conditions within power plants are things that a human can have extremely little insight into without data.

Edge solutions that focus on AI are now available in various shapes and sizes. Taking advantage of this distributed compute can be done through a vendor like Scale Computing, which has taken full aim at edge with its own platform.

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