Nutanix offers new options for SMEs with Cloud Bundles program

Nutanix offers new options for SMEs with Cloud Bundles program

Nutanix is coming up with a new program for small and medium enterprises, called Cloud Bundles. The channel offering combines Nutanix software licenses that are most relevant for SMEs. The program has three different bundles.

The Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) vendor indicates that, with Cloud Bundles, it wants to broaden its focus in the EMEA region on the SME market. According to Nutanix, there is a need among this group of companies for a single operating system for virtual machines, containers, files, computer resources, storage and networking.

Different versions

With the basic Cloud Bundles version, Nutanix tries to provide the basic building blocks of its stack. Here we find the AOS enterprise cloud operating system, as well as the AHV hypervisor and management solution Prism. Another version is called standard, which comes with the Files solution, which is intended for file storage. In addition, the bundle includes automation options for management, with Prism Pro. Finally, there is the advanced version, which also includes, for example, the network security and microsegmentation of Flow.

Depending on the bundle, users have access to a subscription that can be used on an infrastructure ranging from 24 cores (three servers) to 192 cores (6 servers).

Cloud Bundles should complement the SME offerings of Nutanix’ OEM partners. The HCI specialist mentions Lenovo (Hxpedite) and Fujitsu (Value4you) as relevant partners. Nutanix only offers the Cloud Bundles to new customers. Until 31 July 2020, the bundles will be delivered via the channel in EMEA.

Recently, Nutanix announced another update for its Kubernetes management solution Karbon. With this new version, the solution also focuses on users who are not specialised in Kubernetes.

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