Rollout of 5G possibly delayed by coronavirus

Rollout of 5G possibly delayed by coronavirus

Telecom collective 3GPP has announced that two essential releases for the 5G standard will be postponed. The releases have been delayed due to the corona virus outbreak. It is not clear whether this will also delay the rollout of 5G.

Current 5G networks continue to operate largely on the standards of the 4G networks. The next release of 3GPP should ensure that 5G can function standalone. In addition, upload and download speeds will be significantly improved with the new release.

This release has now been postponed and is not expected to be available until December. As this release is seen as an important foundation for the rollout of 5G, it is quite possible that telecom providers will now postpone the rollout of the 5G network as well.

3GPP may not be able to hold important meetings due to the corona virus. This will slow down the work of the development teams. Release 17 has also been postponed; it will not be released until 2021. You can see the new roadmap on the website of 3GPP.

The work of 3GPP will not come to a standstill for the time being. The team expects to be able to continue the work with online meetings, albeit delayed.