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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) vendor Nutanix introduces three new tools; Foundation Central, Insights and Lifecycle Manager. These free tools allow IT administrators to remotely manage their entire cloud infrastructure.

Inspired by the current corona crisis that has made remote working more or less ‘normal’, these new tools enable remote administrators to perform their management work for cloud infrastructure environments. Think about managing, troubleshooting and updating software. With the tools, they no longer need to be present in datacenters in offices, so they can better adhere to social distancing.

Nutanix Foundation Central

With Nutanix Foundation Central IT teams can deploy a private cloud infrastructure at scale. From a single interface and any location. Nutanix Foundation Central works through Prism, which is Nutanix’ IT infrastructure management solution.

After a quick installation of as yet unconfigured appliances or servers on-site, Nutanix Foundation Central takes over to automatically deploy and configure images for Nutanix nodes, this allows any Nutanix software solution to be rolled out. The solution can also be used to scale capacity as needed.

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Nutanix Insights

Nutanix Insights helps IT teams predict the health of infrastructures and automate the provisioning of support services for them. The solution analyses telemetry of cloud environments, including all clusters, locations and regions. These analysis should identify current and potential issues that may affect application and data availability.

When these problems are detected the solution provides advice on how to solve them. This advice is based on best practices and information collected by Nutanix from more than 16,000 customers worldwide. Nutanix Insights should be able to automatically resolve approximately 30 percent of all possible support tickets, according to Nutanix.

If this doesn’t work, Nutanix Insights can automatically submit support tickets and request support from a Site Reliability Engineer. Also, the solution can – upon request – automatically send all log files to Nutanix for investigation.

Software upgrades in a single click with Nutanix Lifecycle Manager

With Nutanix Lifecycle Manager (LCM) it is possible to upgrade the Nutanix software stack and date firmware with a single click. This without downtime for applications or infrastructure. LCM can automatically determine the dependencies between software and firmware and thus intelligently prioritize updates. It can also upgrade the entire upgrade process without wondering if this is necessary. According to Nutanix, this creates a better and safer infrastructure. The solution can also be used to manage Nutanix environments anywhere in the world.

Nutanix Foundation Central is now available. Nutanix Insights and Lifecycle Manager are still under development and should arrive later this year.