Aruba introduces AI solutions for a safer workplace

Aruba introduces AI solutions for a safer workplace

Aruba launches a suite of AI solutions to make the new workplace as safe as possible. With the new solutions, companies can formulate a roadmap to accelerate the return to the office without affecting the health of employees.

The new solutions use IoT and Bluetooth radios built into Aruba access points that are managed from a single application. They work on Aruba’s existing infrastructure and use cloud applications that can be easily activated.

Contact tracing

Contact and location tracing is essential to control new outbreaks of the coronavirus and to notify potentially infected people at an earlier stage. Aruba is releasing new native contact and location tracing tools for existing infrastructure customers, with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Aruba’s technology partners, such as CXApp, can be integrated with Aruba’s infrastructure to provide more capabilities, such as generating tracing trees of potentially infected individuals and monitoring social distancing and group sizes.

Organizations want to avoid physical contact as much as possible, for example, by preventing contact with the receptionist by using self-service tablets for check-in. Aruba, together with its digital workplace partners, makes it possible to pre-register, generate individualized access for visitors and automated host notifications.

Health monitoring

Manually carrying out health checks is inefficient, which is why Aruba supplies and supports contactless thermographic AI solutions that automatically measure the forehead temperature of incoming people. The solution incorporates automated voice response and can be linked to access control portals. This is especially useful for high traffic areas such as lobbies.

Working from home

Although offices are receiving more solutions to make the workplace as safe as possible, several employees will still have to work from home. This requires solutions for a different kind of security. Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) and gateways extend access to business applications and services hosted on-premise or in the public cloud. Employees can expect the same security and service at home as in the office on any device.

Aruba also launches a new Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) VPN client for a secure connection to the internet for all devices. VIA has a built-in firewall that implements the appropriate security for each user.

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