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Barracuda Networks recently launched the SD-WAN solution CloudGen WAN for Microsoft Azure. The solution should make it safer and cheaper for companies to migrate their workloads to the public cloud.

With the launch of the CloudGen WAN solution, Barracuda is responding to the growing need for companies to migrate workloads with secure connectivity to public cloud environments. SD-WAN solutions are becoming increasingly popular for this purpose. According to Barracuda, SD-WAN gives companies more control over two key security challenges associated with connectivity for public cloud environments: the lack of access control and control of the backhaul network traffic.

CloudGen WAN aims to replace costly and inflexible network connectivity environments and dynamically adapt the entire network. The latter to achieve optimal workload traffic. This optimized traffic, in turn, improves network performance and reduces costs.

SaaS solution

Specifically, CloudGen WAN is the first SaaS SD-WAN solution running on Azure Virtual WAN Hubs. A virtual hub on Azure is a Microsoft-managed virtual network that provides connectivity from other networks with virtual VNet and gateways as optional components.

The solution is designed to provide fully secure security and cloud-based scalable SD-WAN connectivity for the use of the Microsoft Global Network as the WAN backbone environment. This, instead of the leased lines that companies often use.

Available directly from Azure

The SaaS solution is directly available on the Azure Marketplace in as many cloud regions as businesses need. In this way, CloudGen WAN ensures that customers can roll out the service from a single portal across all offices and endpoints.

Barracuda has been working with Microsoft Azure for a long time. The cloud security specialist also provides Azure with the Cloud Application Protection Platform and the CloudGen Firewall security products.