Juniper Networks further expands Mist AI portfolio

Juniper Networks further expands Mist AI portfolio

Juniper Networks has further expanded several AI solutions within its Mist portfolio. The improvements, such as the Mist WAN Assurance tool and an update to the Marvis AI engine, will make it easier for businesses to automatically detect network problems and resolve connectivity issues.

Juniper Networks is strongly committing to AI for detecting problems within corporate networks and the underlying connections. The portfolio of Mist, which was acquired last year, has played a key role.

With the tools of Mist, companies are able to automatically detect and solve network problems in (wireless) networks. According to Juniper Networks, this technology should also be deployed gradually to the regular network components.

Companies should, with Mist’s AI technology, be able to automatically detect and solve problems both in the wireless network and in the regular network that stretches from branches and the on-premises data center to (multi)cloud environments. This is what Juniper Networks calls the ‘AI-driven Network’.

Introduction Fog WAN Assurance

The introduction of the AI-based tool Mist WAN Assurance has marked a new step in this direction. WAN Assurance makes it possible to detect and solve problems in the WAN network for the company’s long-distance connections between the edge and the (multi)cloud.

The tool allows administrators to configure the desired network quality standards for their network. The AI algorithms then examine these standards and detect deviations. For this reason, the telemetry data from used Juniper SRX firewall appliances is analysed for latency and packet loss, among other things. This data is further combined with other data such as bandwidth consumption and merged into a single dataset. Next, the AI algorithms of Mist WAN Assurance analyse this dataset to detect problems.

Update of Marvis AI engine

In addition to the introduction of Mist WAN Assurance, Juniper Networks has also updated its Marvis AI engine. The natural-language AI-engine, which previously could only be interacted with through the use of a desktop tool, is now also accessible with a conversational bot. This allows administrators to easily interact with Marvis through a chat window.

Tip: For Juniper Networks, AI is the key to the self-driving network