VMware integrates vRealize more with Tanzu

VMware integrates vRealize more with Tanzu

VMware has updated its vRealize portfolio. The suite of cloud management tools now better integrates with VMware Tanzu, including capabilities for self-driving automation and security.

vRealize will enable you to build, deploy and manage applications, infrastructure and platform services consistently and at scale. This can be done in the on-premise data center, cloud, and edge environments. Or a combination of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Important things that are addressed for different use cases are intelligent operations, an automated IT environment and an IT environment that is set up for DevOps.

Self-driving is important

VMware vRealize consists of several products of which VMware vRealize Operations and VMware vRealize Automation are the most important. VRealize Operations is a tool to monitor and manage the “health” of virtual environments. The tool allows the user to manage the capacity of the environments and resolve any issues. vRealize Automation is a platform to automate infrastructure and enable self-service multiclient environments.

Both solutions should help customers to enable so-called ‘self-driving’ capabilities for applications and infrastructure. This makes it easier for them to plan and scale up private and hybrid clouds.

More integration with VMware Tanzu

The update integrates these tools more strongly with VMware Tanzu, VMware’s Kubernetes management platform. The main reason for this is to increase the support of Kubernetes.

VMware Tanzu with vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation enhances VMWare’s ability to automatically discover and monitor the health, performance, capacity, cost and configuration of these container applications.

VRealize Operations and vRealize Automation are now even more integrated with third-party monitoring tools. Think of tools from AppDynamics, Datadog and Dynatrace, among others. App-discovery capacity has also been added with vRealize Insight. All this added value should help customers to better predict and prevent application problems.

More security

In addition to all these new monitoring and automation applications, new security capacity has also been added. Especially for vRealize Automation. New capabilities include detailed role-based access capabilities and security support for multitenant infrastructure environments.

Other Updates

More functionality for ‘infrastructure as code’ has been added with the introduction of a template engine called VMware Cloud Templates. These templates are perfect models of VM’s from which administrators can roll out, clone or convert new VM’s.

Other added features to the VMware vRealize suite include VMware’s vRealize Log Insight. This tool enables real-time monitoring of application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages and performance data. Insight into Kubernetes environments has also been added. This tool also offers more integration with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Furthermore, even better onboarding capabilities have been added for VMware Skyline users. VMware Skyline monitors and collects information about the use of VMware products and provides alerts on potential problems.

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