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Pure Storage has introduced a new version of its FlashArray//C-. This storage system is based on QLC flash memory, which should eliminate the use of hybrid arrays in data centers. This offers possibilities, especially for so-called Tier 2 workloads. 

With the¬†introduction, the world’s first complete Quad Level Cell (QLC) flash-based system will be released on the market. The QLC flash technology makes it possible to store 16 electrical charge statuses per cell that correspond to ones and zeros. This is the highest capacity of solid state memory currently in mass production. This allows for more data to be stored in this solid-state memory.¬†

Suitable for tier 2 workloads 

The high storage capacity makes this QLC technology -and of course the newly introduced FlashArray//C-storage system from Pure Storage- especially suitable for storage-intensive workloads, such as Tier 2 workloads. These include backup, business intelligence and many other general tasks that require a lot of computing power. 

Currently, QLC-based flash arrays are not very common in data centers, but Pure Storage wants to change this. With its FlashArray//C-storage system, Pure Storage focuses on companies that are currently mainly using hybrid storage solutions, consisting of flash arrays and traditional disk storage, in their datacenters for Tier 2 workloads. 

FlashArray//C eliminates the need for hybrid arrays 

The updated FlashArray//C-storage system, therefore, offers companies many options to run this Tier 2 storage cheaper and more efficiently. According to Pure Storage, the hybrid arrays currently used for this type of workloads can be considered ‘outdated’. 

In addition to lower costs and increased efficiency, the QLC storage system of Pure Storage companies should also reduce data center maintenance. This is because they no longer need to use the hybrid arrays from external suppliers once they have purchased them. With the FlashArray//C storage system, they can now combine both the Tier 2 and their essential workloads on a single hardware device. This way, they no longer need to maintain two separate sets of storage infrastructure

Two modules 

The FlashArray//C of Pure Storage is available in two different modules. A DirectFlash module of 24.7 TB and – at a later stage – a more compact 49 TB variant. This last module is, according to Pure Storage, the module with the most QLC storage capacity on the market. The FlashArray//C array has room for multiple modules. The largest 9U variant can even offer up to 5.2 PB effective storage capacity. The FlashArray//C storage system is available immediately. 

Tip: Data virtualization is the new goal of Pure Storage