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IBM is now releasing a clear roadmap detailing its plans for quantum computing development. The plan includes a 1,121-qubit device that they will release in 2023, along with cooling systems and other components.

The 1,121-qubit processor is called IBM Quantum Condor. Big Blue released images of it, showing a cooling system measuring 6-foot wide and 12-foot high. It will house the processor.

IBM says that the goal is to build a million-qubit quantum system, and for now, the 1,000-qubit mark is the first step in overcoming the challenges that limit the commercialization of such systems. 

A quantum roadmap is the right way forward

For IBM, having a quantum roadmap is necessary because the competition is heating up in a market that seemed nascent. Honeywell announced the outline of their quantum systems, and other players like Google, Intel, AWS, and Microsoft, are all moving forward. They are all looking to commercialize their systems in some way.

Cloud computing is how most of the resources will be consumed, given the size of quantum computers and cooling requirements. IBM plans to debut its 127-qubit Quantum Eagle processor by 2021. 

It will take years to reach a million qubits

Next year’s release will have upgrades like through-silicon vias and wiring on multi-level scales. The quantum processor will also have reduced crosstalk errors.

By 2022, they plan to release the 433-qubit IBM Quantum Osprey System that will have more efficiency than its predecessor and scale better in terms of controls and cryogenics infrastructure.

At present, Quantum Computing is no-doubt the future. However, it will take a long time to become commercially convenient enough to be a viable way of processing data and be deployed in enterprise uses.