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Industry trends are driving the move to offer enterprises hybrid cloud access to the VMware Cloud Foundation.

Rackspace is teaming up with Dell Technologies and VMware to expand its private cloud offering. The plan is to add a secure pathway to hybrid cloud services. The companies aim to provide a turnkey solution that delivers an easier path to hybrid cloud, and offer an optimized experience with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF).

Dell Technologies Cloud Platform enables organizations to provide consistent and secure management of their entire application portfolio across multiple clouds. It is the only HCI system fully integrated with VMware Cloud Foundation SDDC Manager.

Rackspace announced the collaboration with Dell and VMware in a press release on September 28.

“Rackspace and Dell are helping solve some of the most pressing business transformation challenges facing organizations today,” said Adrianna Bustamente Rackspace Senior Director of Global alliances. “We look forward to continuing our joint initiatives by developing multi-cloud solutions for the enterprise with Dell Technologies.”

COVID drives enterprise interest in hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions are gaining in popularity and sophistication as the Coronavirus pandemic impacts business. Enterprises are trending towards more remote working for employees and more cloud based applications for business process automation.

Companies now want to have some things on the public cloud and others in a private cloud. A hybrid cloud offers the combination of private cloud, public cloud and edge environments. The unified architecture offers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations.

Microsoft’s Azure Stack Hub is one example of hybrid cloud architecture, Oracle Google has long been in the Cloud space. Even Amazon has jumped on the hybrid cloud bandwagon with its AWS Outposts offering.

Delivering concrete results for customers

“A successful path to hybrid cloud is much like shooting a free throw in a basketball game — a simple, consistent process leads to more efficient results,” said Fidelma Russo, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware.

“Through simplifying IT transformation and enabling consistent and secure application management, this ecosystem delivers greatly reduced cost and downtime. Those are the types of results any organization wants to see.”