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Telecommunication companies in Great Britain may face a large fine if they choose to ignore a ban on the usage of equipment made by Huawei. The policy is part of a new law put forward this week.

The fine is 10 percent of turnover or 100,000 pounds (€112.000) for every day the companies ignore the ban, Reuters writes. With the bill, the UK hopes to manage the risk of Huawei supply no longer being available.

Security standards

The ban is meant to boost the security standards of telecom networks in the UK. The country fears that Huawei might not be a reliable supplier due to the sanctions put onto the company by the United States.

Not based on a fair evaluation

Unsurprisingly, Huawei is not pleased with the complete exclusion from the country. “This decision is politically motivated and not based on a fair evaluation of the risks,” said Vice President Victor Zhang.

Huawei ban

A different reason for the Huawei ban could be the potential for cyberattacks from China. Although there is no concrete evidence for this, some countries have banned Huawei equipment out of fear that the Chinese government might use the equipment for espionage.

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