Microsoft announces plans to build an Azure data center in Denmark

Microsoft announces plans to build an Azure data center in Denmark

Microsoft is continuing its expansion of global Azure data centers at a rapid rate. The company revealed that it plans to launch a new region in Denmark after announcing new regions in Taiwan and Austria two months ago.

In line with many recent announcements from the software giant, there is also a commitment attached to this new data center to provide digital skills to 200,000 people in Denmark by 2024.

With this investment, Microsoft is taking the next step in its longstanding commitment to providing Danish people with the digital tools, infrastructure, and skills needed to drive sustainable growth, job creation, and innovation.

Low-latency and convenient access to Microsoft tools

These sentiments and more were expressed by Nana Bule, the general manager of Microsoft in Denmark. The new data center will be powered by 100% renewable energy and will have multiple availability zones. It will carry the standard set off Microsoft’s cloud products, including Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform.

As always, the idea is to make sure that users can access Microsoft’s tools and services without high-latencies or delays.

Microsoft’s dream is to wrap the world in a blanket of data centers.  Europe provides a prime example of this ambition, as Microsoft is either operating or has announced regions in about 12 countries.

An expanding blanket

In the United States, Microsoft offers 13 regions, with three used exclusively by government agencies. There is going to be a new region on the West Coast soon.

Brad Smith, the president at Microsoft, said that the Danish data center marks a proud day for the company. With the construction of a data center in Denmark, it means that Microsoft can now store Danish data in the country.

Not only will computing become faster but also enable Danish people to get the best digital skills.