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Three new availability zones to become live in coming months in Germany as well as Chile and Saudi Arabia.

Google announced this week that they will be adding to their list of cloud regions over the coming months and years. The tech giant’s global network of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) currently boasts 24 regions and 73 zones in 17 countries.

Cloud regions help Google provide faster service in a given location so organizations can deliver their products and services more reliably and at higher speeds, according to the company

In 2020, Google launched four new cloud regions—Jakarta (Indonesia), Las Vegas (U.S.), Salt Lake City (U.S.), and Seoul (South Korea)—and announced more to come, including Doha (Qatar), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy), and Paris (France). 

This week they announced an expansion of their global network with new cloud regions in Germany, Chile and Saudi Arabia. When launched, each region will have three zones to protect against service disruptions, and include a portfolio of key Google Cloud products, while offering lower latency to nearby users and a more robust global network of regions for multinational enterprises.

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German customers to be served from Google’s Frankfurt region

In Germany, this cloud region will complement Google’s existing region in Frankfurt, expanding the company’s ability to meet growing demand for cloud services in the country.

With this additional region, customers like Deutsche Börse and German wholesaler METRO, can continue to scale their businesses atop Google’s cloud infrastructure. 

“Adopting public cloud as part of our strategic focus on new technologies helps us to improve agility, drive efficiency, and gain access to cutting-edge analytics and AI tools,” says Michael Girg, Chief Cloud Officer at Deutsche Börse Group. “Google Cloud impressed us with its technical capabilities, robust security posture, and partner mindset. A second Google Cloud region in Germany will provide even more capacity and technical runway to scale our business.”

“METRO is leading a digital transformation in the wholesale travel industry not only through our own move to the cloud, but also by making digital solutions available to our customers,” says Timo Salzsieder, Chief Solution Officer and Chief Information Officer at METRO AG. “We’ve increased the stability of our ecommerce platform and reduced infrastructure costs with Google Cloud, and the new Google Cloud region in Germany will help us serve our millions of customers across 34 countries with even greater reliability.”