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In the presentation of the quarterly figures, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his vision of the worldwide availability of 5G. He says that Europe is way behind China, South Korea and the United States in that area.

Cook says that the new iPhone 12 has been a huge success, especially in China. He thinks this is because China already has an extensive 5G network, and Chinese consumers were eagerly awaiting an iPhone with 5G support.

Patchwork quilt

About Europe, Cook says that the 5G network is not yet as good as that in China, not even as good as that in the United States. He therefore describes the global availability of 5G as a patchwork quilt.

“There are places where — within a country that is very good but not from a nationwide point of view. And then there are places that really hasn’t gotten started yet. Latin America is more closer to the last one. There’s lots of opportunity ahead of us there. And I think Europe is where there are 5G implementations there. I think most of that growth is probably in front of us there as well”, Cook said in the presentation.

iPhone 12

Last autumn, Apple released its first phone with 5G support: the iPhone 12. The device has a design reminiscent of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, but with a screen covering almost the entire front of the device. In addition to 5G, another innovation is the return of MagSafe. On the iPhone 12, this technology uses magnets to align the phone with a wireless charger.

MagSafe is also slated to make a return on Apple’s laptops. According to rumours, the company is working on both a new MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro that feature the connector. MagSafe has been missing ever since Apple ditched the connector in favour of USB-C.

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