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Dell announced on Tuesday that it will offer a new private cloud for enterprises, named Dell Technologies Cloud Platform Private Cloud. The company said that it wiell give users more flexibility and better cloud economics.

The offering is part of Dell’s Cloud Console, which is the foundation of Project APEX, launched in October, to bring together Dell’s on-demand and cloud-based as-a-service offering.

Project APEX is meant to deliver an enhanced consistency to the as-a-service experience to customers for their edge, cloud, and on-premises workloads. Dell’s Cloud Console is managed from one interface that allows customers to control their on-demand Dell services and workloads.

The Dell Marketplace

Customers can look through the Dell Marketplace and shop for whatever as-a-service hardware and cloud services they want. With this kind of access, the customers can meet their needs, manage multi-cloud resources, deploy any of them, and monitor costs in real-time, with only a few clicks.

DTCP Private Cloud is the latest offering added in Cloud Console. The company said that enterprises can view it as a simple and more scalable way to build on-premises private cloud infrastructure.

Dell said that the service costs $14 per instance per month. With pre-defined instance blocks, customers get it up and running at a lower cost than before.

Dell’s flexibility

Customers have the option to provide their own rack infrastructure, in addition to a pre-built integrated rack available on the Cloud Console. The company added that customers can use their own rack space, third-party switches, and data cables.

Like DTCPS Hybrid Cloud from last year, DTCP Private Cloud provides several instance-based offerings to its customers so they can size and order their resources according to what they need. The offering is now available in the US, the UK, Germany, and France.