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Microsoft has released a change to its Retail Prices API. Users can now more easily search for all prices for Azure services, including those in foreign currencies.

According to Microsoft, many Azure customers were looking for ways to collect retail prices for all Azure services in different currencies. With the Azure Retail Prices API it is now also possible to get prices in other currencies. This was previously only possible in US dollars. This API provides an unauthenticated experience to get retail prices for all Azure services, according to Microsoft.

Overview in JSON database

The API refers to the URL https://prices.azure.com/api/retail/prices. Behind the URL is an overview of all Azure services, packaged in JSON format. Microsoft has placed some code examples on its website. It shows how the API call returns dollar prices by default, but when the currencyCode parameter is adjusted to, for example, EUR, the output is in euros.

Own tools for internal analysis

Microsoft says it chose JSON so users can create their own tools for internal analysis and price comparisons across versions and regions of Azure. Currently, the feature is still in public preview. If and when it will be an official feature is not known.

Supported currencies

The supported price formats are US dollars, Australian dollars, Brazilian real, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, Chinese yuan, Danish crowns, euros, British pounds, Indian rupee, Japanese yen, Korean won, Norwegian crowns, New Zealand dollars, Russian rubles, Swedish crowns and Taiwanese dollars.

Tip: Kubernetes 1.20 available on Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Services