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The company plans to help organizations advance data monetization by tapping into the federated data infrastructure Gaia-X

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) this week announced solutions to help organizations advance data monetization by tapping into Gaia-X. That is the name of the European “Data Infrastructure” project. The new data infrastructure supported by more than 300 organizations in Europe and globally. The goal of Gaia-X is to create a unified ecosystem of cloud and data services protected by European data laws.

The HPE Solution Framework for Gaia-X targets companies, service providers and public organizations that want to participate in Gaia-X. It supports the capabilities necessary to both provide and consume data and services in a decentralized, federated environment, HPE says.

As a result, HPE claims that organizations can advance their ability to create value from data. This helps them to tap into huge distributed data pools, and strengthen their sovereignty over their data-driven business model.

The new solution leverages existing HPE technology

The framework is based on a reference architecture, according to HPE. It leverages key components of their software portfolio, third-party software, and the Cloud28+ business platform. Cloud28+ is HPE’s marketplace for the monetization of data and services. Individual solution components and entire solution environments are available as a service via HPE GreenLake cloud services.

HPE also announced the HPE Roadmap Service for Gaia-X which helps customers assess their Gaia-X readiness and develop a roadmap.

Johannes Koch, Senior Vice President, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, HPE, commented on the announcement. “Gaia-X is an answer to the key question of the next wave of digital transformation: How can we create network effects without centralizing all the data? This is perfectly in line with our company strategy which is focused on unlocking the value of data distributed across locations and clouds,” he said.

“However, Gaia-X does not do the job alone. It requires a range of capabilities to benefit from this platform. In essence, you must know how to monetize data and put it to work. That’s exactly what we help customers achieve with our Gaia-X solutions.”