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GIGABYTE Technology has announced its partnership with Server Storage Solutions (S3S), a server specialist based in Belgium.

Hardware for computer servers tends to get updated rather quickly and frequently. As a result, whether dealing with CPUs, DPUs, SmartNIC, or AIC processors, the technology development tends to move faster than the user’s ability to keep up and misses out on opportunities for day-to-day application.

With such rapid advances in technology, consumers require consistent support to keep up with the changing landscape.

How do these two partners plan to collaborate?

S35 and GIGABYTE have come up with a joint platform that provides customers validation and proof-of-concept experience. In addition, the two companies aim to collaborate with NVIDIA to establish a GPU compute test lab catering to the Belgium and Netherland market.

Working with NVIDIA and GIGABYTE, S3S offers test computer server systems that allow consumers to validate software and navigate cases without needing expert consultancy and extensive infrastructure.

The optimized software and hardware set in place by S3S allow them to save time and effort on understanding complex infrastructure, which they will surely notice through a significant return on investment.

Highlights of this test lab environment

This test lab environment highlights include a GIGABYTE G262-ZRO compute server system, an NVIDIA GPU baseboard, and a 2U platform fixed with two AMD EPYC Rome 7282 CPUs. The baseboard has four NVIDIA A100 80GB SXM4 GPUs that run on 3rd gen NVLINK technology. The memory and storage are adaptable as per the user’s needs. Lastly, the software stack can be also be adjusted for specific workload results.

For a more detailed explanation about the test lab environment and hardware configurations, a joint team of all three partners will host two web conferences in September. Participants in the webinar get a chance to win NVIDIA GPUs and gain advanced knowledge about the test platform and what it entails.