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Toshiba unveiled 18TB hard drives in the N300 NAS hard drive and X300 performance drive series. The drives are 9-disk helium-sealed units fitted with Toshiba’s Flux Control – Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) technology.

By using FC-MAMR, Toshiba managed to boost drive density by 12.5%. Users with high storage needs will love these offerings since the 18TB N300 is a 7,200 RPM 3.5-inch SATA high-endurance drive specifically designed to handle the challenges of 24/7/365 use in NAS boxes and other storage systems. The 12TB-18TB N300 drives have a helium-filled design to conserve power.

Drive details

The N300 drive comes with a 512Mbs buffer, is capable of transfer speeds of up to 281Mbps, and is good for workloads of up to 180TB per year and an MFFT of 1.2 million hours. Those keeping an eye on performance will be pleased to know the 18TB X300 is a 7,200 RPM 3.5-inch SATA high-performance drive.

The offering is aimed at users with large storage requirements, including PC gamers, video editing/production professionals, and graphic designers. It also features a 512MB buffer rated for an MTTF of six hundred thousand hours.

Protect your NAS safe

N300 Series drives all have a 3-year limited warranty, while the X300 Series drives have only a 2-year warranty. The new 18TB N300 and X300 models should be available for consumers to purchase, in the fourth quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, Toshiba has been working on a way to make your NAS safe and protect your data against loss using automated methods. The company advocated for correct NAS configuration and backing up the data to another storage device regularly. The users also need to have detailed knowledge of their systems, to deal with it when there is a problem, but also maintain it properly.