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Xena, the latest version of open source cloud infrastructure OpenStack, is available starting today.

The update consists of 15,000 tweaks, contributed by 680 developers contributed over the past six months. Improved integrations of OpenStack’s applications, support for new hardware features and a reduction of technical debt are three of the most significant changes, says the OpenInfra Foundation.

An open source cloud infrastructure

OpenStack provides a framework for building clouds. Users provide hardware, virtualize the hardware, and designate an operating system to run OpenStack scripts, providing a private cloud foundation that meets five out of five NIST criteria for cloud computing.

Public clouds are available through dedicated providers. The choice of distros is broad. Applications are cost-effective, as OpenStack is fully open source.

Version 24

Xena, the update introduced today, includes enhancements to features and integrations of the dozens of open-source applications upon which OpenStack clouds function.

For example, the integration of Cyborg and Nova — two commonly used applications — has been enhanced. Nova primarily serves to create virtual machines, bare-metal servers and system containers. Cyborg serves for the management of server accelerators. With Xena, servers created through Nova can instantly be supplicated with server accelerators managed by Cyborg.

The above is one of many integrations and features introduced by the release. The full Xena changelog, broken down per OpenStack application, can be found here.