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OpenStack is growing fast: 180 public clouds, 25 million cores worldwide

OpenStack is growing fast: 180 public clouds, 25 million cores worldwide

The Open Infrastructure Foundation announces that 25 million computing cores are running on OpenStack infrastructure software worldwide, marking an increase of 66 percent in one year.

OpenStack is an open-source software stack for setting up and managing infrastructure. The Open Infrastructure Foundation, an umbrella term for contributing organizations, annually surveys users to find out how OpenStack is deployed. The most recent survey shows that OpenStack’s application grew 66 percent in the past year.

The software now orchestrates 25 million active computing cores. Seven organizations built OpenStack clouds with more than one million cores, including Yahoo, Workday and Walmart Labs. The Open Infrastructure Foundation also observes an increase in OpenStack usage for public clouds. More than 180 public cloud data centers run on the software.

Container orchestration with Kubernetes appears to be a use case for the majority of all organizations working with OpenStack. 70 percent, including AT&T and Verizon, set up their infrastructure to run and manage containers with Kubernetes.

Open-source, in production

Lastly, the Open Infrastructure Foundation reports that more than 100 entirely new OpenStack clouds were built in the past 18 months. Two examples draw attention. Organization Exaion used OpenStack to set up a data center that allows customers to be informed about the CO2 impact of each service provided. Organization OneQode used OpenStack in setting up a public cloud to host more than 1.5 billion games in Asia-Pacific region.