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During SnykCon 2021, the developer security company Snyk introduced new products and innovations, as well as partnerships with HashiCorp and DigitalOcean. The company also launched SnykLearn during the convention.

Snyk Code, which offers a dev-first approach to static application security testing tooling, got support for PHP, Ruby, C# and Go, added to Python, Javascript, and Java. In addition, Snyk Open Source now has new languages support for Elixir and package managers Yarn 2 and Poetry, native integrations with Atlassian BitBucket, and AWS CodePipeline, among other changes.

What’s changed?

Snyk Container received expanded container registry support for GitHub Container Registry, GitLab, Quay, Harbor, Google Artifact Registry, and new support for Trivy open-source container scanning tool with Snyk’s vulnerability database. Snyk’s infrastructure as Code, Snyk Apps, and Snyk API v3 all got updates.

The company also partnered with DigitalOcean to help developers secure containerized apps during the development process. There is an integration for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud, solving configuration security challenges that come up when delivering infrastructure as code.

A way for interested participants to learn

Snyk Learn is the newest introduction, offering easily digestible lessons in the coding language or ecosystem a learner chooses. Guy Podjarny, the founder and president of Snyk, said that developer security is the only way to effectively scale security, adding that the Snyk community is working to make it happen.

About a month ago, The Israeli-founded firm announced that it raised $300 million in fresh funding, valuing the company at a staggering $8.5 billion. In October last year, Snyk was named among 100 startups in The Cloud 100, an annual ranking of the world’s top private cloud companies.