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Synology is expanding the ‘Business’ license of C2 Transfer, emphasizing the addition of an interface for managing user policies.

C2 Transfer entails a solution for file transfers. Users upload files and note the contact information of the people that are to be given access. These individuals receive a temporary password, download the files, and thereby complete the process.

The ‘Professional’ license allows a single user to share files up to 20GB in size. The ‘security’ of the process stems from end-to-end encryption and the aforementioned authentication. While a free tool like SwissTransfer accomplishes much of the same thing (and allows up to 50GB), Synology provides servers in a region of your choice. Barring a trial period promotion, C2 Transfer has never been free. The price of a tenner a month is nothing to shrug at, but somewhat fair.

The ‘Business’ license offers an option for multiple users in one account, including management tools for user policies — and is thus more secure. The license costs at least five times as much as a single-user license: 500 euros per year or 50 euros per month. For each user over five, you add 7 euros per month. A team of three, for example, is left with two options. Either pay more for two non-existent team members to receive a basic feature like user management — or dismiss the security considerations, share one account among three people and settle for a somewhat acceptable price.

Now, Synology makes it possible to manage user rights from a new interface. While there’s nothing wrong with the update or technology, the licensing model remains impractical for many teams.