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Qualcomm intends to develop a system-on-chip for Windows computers that will match the performance delivered by Apple’s Mac processors. The company detailed this plan during its 2021 Investor Day event.

During the event, the Chief Technology Officer, James Thompson, said that Qualcomm plans to introduce the system-on-chip in 2023. The executive also revealed some of the development roadmap details for the processor.

The system-on-chip is set to be Arm-based, similar to many of the products Qualcomm makes. Qualcomm is best known for being a mobile devices chip supplier and is publicly traded.

The Nuvia unit has its work cut out

Many of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon system-on-chips power the world’s Android phones and some of the latest iPhones. Building a system-on-chip for Windows machines has different technical requirements and challenges than what you would need to make one for smartphones. However, Qualcomm has expertise from its mobile chip development, which could be helpful for the new project.

The technologies it acquired through the $1.4 billion acquisition of Nuvia earlier this year will come in handy. The Nuvia team has been tasked with designing the system-on-chip for Windows machines. Before acquisition by Qualcomm, Nuvia had raised $293 million in funding.

A technical challenge for Qualcomm

The Verge reported that Qualcomm execs think that they will make a system-on-chip for Windows that will compete with Apple’s M-series processors.

Apple has shown that it is strong in terms of achieving sustained performance and conserving battery life. Qualcomm wants to bring the same kind of optimization and efficiency. This will be a significant technical challenge for the chipmaker, but its vast resources and experience should be able to solve it.

The company also offered details regarding its finances.