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Based on internal Microsoft emails, ZDNet reports that Microsoft is reorganizing within its cloud and AI business, moving emerging technology markets into new separate departments and teams.

According to the tech site, certain emerging markets within the cloud business are being merged into new business units. The goal of this reorganization is to develop these market segments faster.

Microsoft’s cloud business for the U.S. government, the Azure Space & Mission business, the telecom business in Azure for Operators and the Azure Quantum business are supposedly being combined into a new cloud business unit. This business unit is expected to be named Strategic Missions and Technologies (SMT), led by former Azure Executive VP Jason Zander. Jason Zander reports directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Changes within Azure teams

As a result of Jason Zander’s departure from Azure, a number of changes will be made within Azure. For example, the Azure Dedicated Team is to be shuffled into the Azure Core Team, responsible for core applications and infrastructure. The Azure Global Infrastructure team will also become part of the Azure Core team.

New Cloud for Industry and Global Expansion team

Furthermore, a new Cloud for Industry and Global Expansion team is to be formed. The team will be responsible for all of Microsoft’s industry-specific cloud platforms. In addition, the team must ensure that other software vendors start building services based on Microsoft’s entire public cloud platform.