‘Software AG wants to sell itself’

‘Software AG wants to sell itself’

Germany’s Software AG is looking for a buyer. It is possible that investment companies are showing interest.

Possible takeover talks of Software AG are said to be in the early stages, according to Bloomberg sources. The reason given for the possible sale of the company is Software AG’s consideration of new strategic options.

Sale to private equity

It is not clear whether the company will be acquired by a competitor or by private equity firms. However, according to Bloomberg, private equity firms would have the best chance since venture capitalists are already on the takeover trail in Germany this year. Parties such as Software AG are popular with private equity investors because they generally generate a stable stream of sales.

In any case, a deal requires the approval of the Software AG Foundation, which holds 30 percent of the shares.

Value of Software AG

Software AG is a provider of software integration solutions and IoT solutions and applications. Up to and including September of this year, the company recorded stable sales of 599 million euros. About the same as in the same period in 2020. The total value of Software AG is estimated at 2.6 billion euros.

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