Lucidworks introduces SaaS search functionality for applications

Lucidworks introduces SaaS search functionality for applications

Lucidworks recently launched Springboard, a cloud-based search platform. The platform allows developers to add search functionality solutions to applications and websites.

With the cloud-based Springboard platform, Lucidworks allows developers to add search functionality to applications and websites. Because of its SaaS construction, developers do not have to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Moreover, they can add search functionality to their applications or websites without using code.

Basis for various search solutions

The Springboard platform is a starting point for developing various search functionalities. The first solution to become available via Springboard is the Connected Search tool. This tool, which is still in beta, enables companies to integrate a search bar into their websites to find, for example, product information. The tool uses deep learning algorithms that automatically personalize search results for users.

Companies can adjust search results based on importance, among others. Furthermore, the tool offers an analytics dashboard that allows companies to optimize their search pages.

Connected Service is another search solution that will soon become available via the cloud-based search platform. This tool is especially suitable for supporting customers and makes it easier to add search functionality to knowledge bases. Furthermore, Lucidworks plans to add the Connected Commerce tool for e-commerce applications to the platform.

Updates to Fusion

In addition to the introduction of the Springboard platform, Lucidworks has also announced some updates to its standard solution, Fusion. Fusion helps marketers to discover the best messages and content for individual prospects. This is based on search and click behaviour.