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Norway’s Telenor announced on Thursday that it partnered with Amazon Web Services to rapidly modernize its telecom systems. The goal is to boost the use of cloud technology to offer low-latency data services and 5G to the professional customer base.

Telenor is collaborating with AWS to develop, among other things, product offerings for selected industries that include automotive, logistics, and manufacturing, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the Norwegian firm., Sigve Brekke.

Speaking on a telephone interview, Brekke said that the company is preparing itself for the next growth wave, which he called a major shift.


Brekke added that the selling point for customers in various industries is the low latency that ‘edge’ technology, aided by cloud computing, brings to 5G services. Telenor is based in Oslo and serves 172 million customers. About half of the company’s revenue comes from its Asian market, with the rest coming from the Nordic region.

The company is determined to evolve by entering emerging markets because just last year, it also got into another collaborative effort with Alphabet’s Google Cloud. Brekke asserted that in this new era, no one has it all on their own, separating Google’s role as more of products and analysis, while AWS does network components.

Continuous growth

Telenor and AWS have worked on initiatives before, which have provided clients with solutions that include prototype private 5G networks for the Norwegian defense forces’ material agency and private networks for corporate customers. There are also planned add-on services for 4G networks.

Vimla, Telenor’s Swedish virtual mobile network operator, uses many AWS services and is an example of new ideas disrupting existing business models using new technologies, something Brekke was keen to mention. The CEO feels that the company’s business segment in Norway is just fine, but needs work for the larger Nordics area and Asia.