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Ericsson filed a lawsuit against Apple in Brazil and Europe. The Swedish firm claims that Apple is infringing on its cellular data patents now that a 2015 license agreement between the companies has expired. Ericsson has now launched further lawsuits in Brazil, the Netherlands, and Germany.

With the case numbers in Düsseldorf assigned, Munich and Mannheim cases are yet to be transferred; hence, the proceedings are well underway. In addition, Ericsson filed a lawsuit against Apple in the United States earlier this week, saying that the company from Cupertino violates mobile technology patents possessed by the Swedish corporation related to 4G, 3G, and 2G. This technology is used in every top iPhone recently made, such as the iPhone 13. However, as it was licensed to Apple under a 2015 agreement, it has since expired.

Not to be surpassed, Apple also sued Ericsson at the United States International Trade Commission on Thursday. Apple claims that its copyrights were being violated in Ericsson’s cellular base station equipment, requesting a restriction on imports.

JUVE Patent reports

Up till now, the American consumer market has been aware of both businesses’ patents and ITC actions. However, Ericsson has revealed to JUVE Patent that the business has previously filed complaints against Apple in Mannheim, Munich, and Düsseldorf. In addition, Ericsson has now filed other complaints in Brazil and the Netherlands about infringement on various patents, including 5G patents.

Latest update

JUVE suggests that Ericsson might still bring more lawsuits in other countries, as there is no obvious evidence of a settlement to the current conflict. Ericsson does not seem to be demanding a boycott or import limitations on Apple devices; instead, it appears to be asking a court to award it a license fee.

Furthermore, Ericsson had requested a $5 per unit license charge, which Apple refused, igniting the conflict.

Apple stated in its ITC filing that it was prepared to dismiss its action against Ericsson if the Sweden business reciprocated.