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NTT and ServiceNow will collaborate to enable companies to deploy private 5G networks. To this end, the organizations are developing a joint workflow and automation platform based on AI.

Both parties want to make it easier for customers to deploy private 5G networks within their business environments. A new platform will combine NTT’s private 5G technology with SAP’s workflow management and automation services.

Accelerate implementation and adoption

Specifically, this integrated platform should allow companies to deploy pre-built software to streamline the deployment and integration of private 5G into their networks and infrastructures. According to the organizations, the implementation, adoption and user experience of private 5G is accelerated as a result.

As-a-service model for vertical markets

Furthermore, both parties will start developing new use cases for private 5G. The use cases are to be provided by pre-built private 5G services. Both NTT and ServiceNow expect 5G as-a-service models to accelerate private 5G adoption in various vertical industrial markets. The release date of the first service is yet to be announced.