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The Open Infrastructure Foundation brings new functionality with StarlingX 6.0.

StarlingX 6.0 focuses on security, optimized automation capabilities and deployment functionality. The platform’s operating system has been updated to the Linux 5.10 kernel. This version supports user space tooling for configuring routing and forwarding interfaces.

In terms of security, the update offers simplified certificate management, such as automatically renewing certificates via the cert manager and updating Kubernetes Root CA on working systems.

In addition, the Linux Auditing System is supported. This should help administrators track security events based on pre-configured auditing rules. The events are recorded in a log file to discover abuse and other unauthorized activity. Also, StarlingX now provides alerts for expiring and expired certificates.

Subcloud management capabilities

In terms of deployment options and reconfigurations, version 6.0 provides capabilities for managing so-called subclouds. The capabilities include migrating from one subcloud to another without a reinstallation. Furthermore, in a disaster recovery scenario, administrators can now move subclouds from one distributed cloud system to another while reinstalling the current system controller.

Version 6.0 of StarlingX is now available.