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IBM is equipping its flash storage array portfolio with Cyber Vault technology to counter ransomware attacks. Furthermore, the new FlashSystem 7300 and 9500 array models were made available.

Cyber Vault software primarily helps companies detect and recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks. According to IBM, the air-gapped technology uses ‘validated restore points’ to reduce recovery time from days and weeks to hours.

The tool can be used in conjunction with intrusion detection systems from IBM and other vendors. Ultimately, Cyber Vault assures clean backup retrieval and attack detection.

Cyber Vault runs on multiple VM’s or multiple instances within a single VM. There, analytics, validation and forensics are performed.

Cyber Vault software is compatible with storage systems from both IBM and other vendors. A system must be compatible with IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize software to be compatible with Cyber Vault. Spectrum Virtualize is used to deploy block storage services for workloads that simultaneously run in the cloud and on-prem.

IBM FlashSystem 7300 and 9500

IBM is also introducing new FlashSystem 7300 and 9500 models. Both models offer 1.1 PB NVMe capacity per rack. Through a single architecture and a common OS, the systems promise complete edge-to-edge-to-cloud functionality.

The IBM FlashSystem 7300 is an upgrade of the IBM FlashSystem 7200. The new model is available in a 2U configuration. The IBM FlashSystem 9500 is an upgrade of the FlashSystem 9200. The new model comes in a 4U rack configuration, featuring a total capacity of 4 PB.