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Supermicro released a compact server for edge, IoT and 5G applications. The Supermicro SuperEdge promises high performance of high-density computing and I/O functionality.

The model offers a high-performance server for workloads in compact edge, IoT and 5G environments. Think of analyzing and processing large amounts of data in real-time. Ultimately, the server should bring data center capacity and to smaller environments, such as retail stores.

Processing power and I/O density

Among other things, the compact edge server increases computing power and I/O density for edge applications. Telecom and cloud providers can use the server to increase customers’ workloads and data processing in edge environments while reducing required network connectivity.

The details

The Supermicro SuperEdge server consists of three different hot-swappable nodes. All nodes are based on an Intel Xeon Scalable processor. Each node can accommodate up to 2 TB of DDR4 DRAM memory. In addition, each node has three PCI-E 4.0 slots. The I/O density can accommodate multiple types of accelerator and network cards, including FPGA, DPU, eASIC and TimeSync options.

GPUs can be installed as well, allowing the nodes to perform AI-based calculations independently. Furthermore, redundant power supplies and cooling fans allow the server to be deployed in harsh conditions outside of a traditional data center.