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Supermicro released a series of new SuperEdge servers equipped with Intel Xeon D processors. The servers allow companies to deploy edge applications.

The systems are designed to function in harsh environments. New releases include updated versions of the popular IP65 Outdoor Edge system and the Supermicro Hyper-E product lines.

Under the bonnet

The systems are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, including the Xeon-D processor and 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The processors offer low latency, high performance and low power consumption, which is especially suitable for edge applications.

Outdoor environments

The servers are compact, allowing them to be placed outside traditional data centres. Furthermore, the Supermicro IP65 server platform for 5G can be easily mounted on a mast, allowing it to be deployed in outdoor environments.

Supermicro’s new edge server applications are available immediately.

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