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D-Link broadens its Nuclias Cloud portfolio with the SD-WAN gateway DGB-2000. The gateway should not only optimize network traffic, but strengthen security as well.

D-Link designed the Nuclias Cloud SD-WAN Gateway DGB-2000 to reduce operational costs and increase bandwidth efficiency. For this purpose, the SD-WAN gateway features a four-port configurable Gigabit Ethernet port with up to four WAN interfaces per port. The DGB-2000 also features a single RJ45 port.

Network options

The DGB-2000 supports IPsec VPN, PPTOP/l2TP and Open VPN. IT administrators can configure complex VPN topologies in a few steps using the built-in Nuclias Cloud Quick VPN. Furthermore, OmniSSL provides SSL login, certificate generation and deployment management features. WAN load balancing is featured as well.


Additionally, the new Nuclias Cloud SD-WAN gateway provides a wide range of security options. The gateway has an integrated high-performance firewall and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) for protection against DDoS and brute force attacks. It also offers advanced application management and content filtering.

D-Link’s Nuclias Cloud SD-WAN DGB-2000 is entirely managed through the D-Link Nuclias Cloud environment. The gateway is available immediately.