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Google Cloud will increase the infrastructure costs for storage and other services from October onwards.

Google wants to bring its infrastructure pricing in line with Microsoft Azure and AWS. To this end, the cloud giant is upping prices across the board. The transformation is scheduled for October 1.

New costs and options

In the areas of storage and networking, pricing stands to change. Among others, multi-region network egress actions and data replication will now be charged. The pricing of outbound data processing for Cloud Balancing is upped. Furthermore, Network Topology service will now cost 0.0010 euros ($0.0011) per hour/resource.


All in all, the costs for current customers can change drastically. Timely preparations are advised. Cut the fat by reviewing your storage, network and computing power requirements.

The location and cloud region of your data storage is worth reconsidering as well. Google is freely providing the Storage Transfer Service from the beginning of April 2022. The service is applicable to all storage transfers within Google Cloud.

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