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Imec.Xpand has declared the initial closing of its funding at €150 million in devoted capital.

Imec.Xpand, a growth venture capital fund – that utilizes Imec, the innovation and research hub knowledge’s skills, network, and infrastructure – has revealed the initial closing of its second fund, with EUR 150 million in committed money.

Imec.Xpand is working with Imec to change the international early-stage technology venture landscape. The fund has been invested in startups that benefit ominously from Imec’s infrastructure in developing their technology.

It is administered independently; all of Imec.Xpand’s firms are built on proprietary tools that are thought to offer them a bit of competitive advantage.

There is now one unicorn, PsiQuantum, in the portfolio and several mini corns. The great potential of such revolutionary semiconductor firms has been underscored by recent successful funding rounds in Spectricity, PsiQuantumC, Fabric8labs, Celestial AI, and Axelera AI.

Relationship with Imec

“It shows that our great relationship with imec, coupled with the capacity to acquire huge sums of money early in the development phase are widely recognized as the success drivers for semiconductor startups,” according to the business, said Tom Vanhoutte of imec.Xpand.

This is actually the first step towards the EUR 250 million goal, which will cement Imec.Xpand’s position as a prominent participant in the capital ecosystem.

The firm’s investments frequently serve as a stimulus for startups seeking additional capital from investors.

The initial fund was invested in 16 startups, which have raised about EUR 350 million in additional capital — one of the top 5% of the world’s most promising early-stage funds.

CEO’s take on Imec collaboration

“Our collaboration with Imec.Xpand has enabled us to come up with revolutionary Imec innovations into the market with venture capital,” said Imec CEO Luc Van den Hove.”

“Entrepreneurs need better infrastructure, knowledge, and growth capital to convert a breakthrough concept into a viable success. We integrate these components using Imec.Xpand to build a breeding environment for tomorrow’s unicorns.”

The initial closure of Imec.Xpand was a great success, demonstrating the importance of a diverse strategy.