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Although the healthcare sector is increasingly using multicloud environments, we’re years away from cloud adoption reaching maturity.

A global survey by Nutanix shows that the healthcare industry is catching up on multicloud adoptions. Although this industry is still in the early stages of multicloud, significant growth is expected in coming years. The trend is in line with a global uptake in multicloud environments.

In healthcare, about one-third of all respondents primarily use private cloud environments. The use of public cloud environments is lagging behind, likely due to legislation and privacy regulations that the sector has to deal with.

Desires for multicloud

When asked about their desire to embrace multicloud environments, the respondents mentioned a number of priorities. First and foremost, there’s the ability to easily move applications between different cloud environments. Continuity and disaster recovery were frequently heard as well.


Naturally, the healthcare sector faces a large number of challenges when adopting multicloud. Respondents mention security, integrating the data of different cloud environments, cost management and performance challenges within network environments. They also face a lack of well-qualified personnel and worry about the time required to migrate workloads.

Other interesting priorities

In addition, healthcare organizations are looking at the adoption and integration of 5G, AI and ML-based services, managing multicloud environments and improving continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

The respondents also indicate that they have increased their budgets for IT spending, in part due to the pandemic. Budgets were purposed for system security, AI implementations and infrastructure upgrades.

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