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Roughly 36 percent of organizations worldwide uses multicloud as their primary model. A significant shift from last year, when the share was estimated at 26 percent.

Nutanix monitors the progress of cloud adoption. Today, the cloud specialist shared its fourth annual Enterprise Cloud Index (ECI) survey. 36 percent of those surveyed use a multicloud model; a 10 percent increase from last year.

Expectations are high. 86 percent view hybrid and multicloud as the ideal model. Flexibility, scalability and the breaking down of data silos are some of the most frequently cited reasons.

Why not (yet)?

As mentioned above, almost every organization sees a future in hybrid and multicloud. At the same time, only 36 percent of organizations completed the transformation. There’s a will, but not always a way.

Nutanix asked organizations about the challenges of moving to hybrid and multicloud. About half fear cost containment. 49 percent are wary of security risks. Data integrations are a tricky issue as well.

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