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Germany’s Rheinmetall ramped up its electronic components and semiconductors inventory and has chip supplies that can last five years or so easily.

According to Rheinische Post, chip supplies made by arms manufacturer Rheinmetall could last five or more years after spending 500M Euros (approximately $519 M) this year alone to increase the inventory of both semiconductors and electronics.

Rheinmetall and the demand for military equipment

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, the German arm’s manufacturer company’s share prices have doubled. After this, Germany said they would increase their conventionally low-mil spending by over 100 B euros.

On the other hand, the increasing need for military hardware isn’t a cause for the German army hardware maker to sell their automotive units that supply car-makers with engineering components such as valves and pumps, Armin Papperger, Chief Executive, said to the newspaper. “It is true that defense technology is gaining in importance. But we have no plans to exit our civilian activities.”

About Rheinmetall

As a technology group that operates in Europe and worldwide with over 24,000 employees, Rheinmetall is a robust, internationally successful firm operating in different markets with its innovative and creative range of services and products.

As a well-known direct supplier and development partner to the worldwide automotive industry and a leading global systems provider for security tech, Rheinmetall transmits its expertise in various basic techs to tackle long-term megatrends. It also determines viable markets with substantial growth and creates modern solutions for a liveable and safe future.

Among other things, sustainability is also a top priority in many of Rheinmetall’s strategies. Plus, the company intends to gain CO2 neutrality within the next decade.