Gigabyte launches G492-PD0, powerful Arm server

Gigabyte launches G492-PD0, powerful Arm server

Gigabyte introduces the G492-PD0, a server based on Ampere Altra CPUs and Nvidia A100 GPUs. The model is suited for AI and high performance computing (HPC) workloads.

Most HPC servers run on Intel x86 processors. The G492-PD0 differs from the norm. The release features two Arm processor options, the Ampere Altra or Altra Max. Gigabyte developed the server to meet the growing demand for Arm-based HPC servers.

Although Intel’s x86 architecture currently dominates the market, change is underway. Arm processors are becoming increasingly energy-efficient and powerful. Hence, the architecture is supported by more and more HPC and AI applications.


The G492-PD0 has sixteen DDR4 DIMM slots. Using a 256GB module for each input results in a total capacity of 4TB. In addition, the server houses up to eight Nvidia A100 GPUs. The G492-PD0 isn’t just economical, but a powerful option for GPU-intensive workloads.

The GPUs are supported by an Nvidia NVSwitch chip. The chip ensures that all GPUs operate in sync. The GPU sockets are located on a baseboard with a dedicated cooling system. The baseboard supports Nvidia GPUDirect RDMA, a technology for data transfers between GPUs and third-party devices like network interface cards (NIC) and storage adapters. GPUDirect Storage is supported as well, which allows CPU tasks to be offloaded to GPUs.

On top of the cooling system, you’ll find a mainboard for memory, storage and the processor. The G492-PD0 allows up to six U.2 NVMe 2.5-inch drives. The interior has room for four M.2 NVMe modules. Two Gigabit Ethernet inputs provide network connectivity. The third input facilitates an Ethernet management interface.

Arm on the rise

Gigabyte is betting heavily on Arm. The company announced that several new Arm servers are planned. Microsoft is investing in the architecture as well. The aforementioned Ampere Altra and Altra Max processors are already offered in Azure servers.

Recently, Microsoft announced that the servers have been certified with Arm SystemReady, a certificate for systems that optimally support Arm. Gigabyte’s G492-PD0 also received the certificate.