OpenLight unveils technology for first open-silicon photonics platform

OpenLight unveils technology for first open-silicon photonics platform

OpenLight, a relatively newer company, launched the world’s very first open-silicon photonic platform with integrated lasers.

OpenLight – a company drawn out of “Juniper Networks” and managed by “Synopsys” – launches the very first silicon photonics platform utilized by chip design companies in chips.

Silicon photonics

Silicon photonics has been gathering much attention lately; it utilizes light instead of electric current to process and transmit data. Thomas Mader, the CEO of OpenLight, said this new and advanced platform would turn things easier for semiconductor firms to include silicon photonics in their various chip designs.

It will be launched first through “Tower Semiconductor”; not to mention Intel – the American technology and multinational corporation company – intends to buy it. Also, the semiconductor company has its silicon photonics tech.

More start-ups and companies have utilized silicon photonics to ensure faster, energy-efficient computing. According to PitchBook, silicon photonics is going to be increasingly common hardware within data centers, with a market of approximately US$3B by 2025.

As per Mader, the OpenLight is different from various other photonics solutions primarily because the laser could be directly integrated onto a silicon die.

The tech can be employed for a range of chips used in sensors, lidars that utilize light to view things, telecommunications, high-performance computing, and data centers. 

About OpenLight

OpenLight has extensive years of successful experience in various photonics designs. Their engineering and executive teams are creating the world’s first open-silicon photonics platform using integrated lasers to enhance the power efficiency, performance, and credibility of designs for datacom, healthcare, telecom, AI, and optical computing, HPC, and LiDAR applications.

With more than 200 patents, the company brings optical solutions to a newer level where it hasn’t been before and allows technologies and innovations that weren’t possible before. Located in the beautiful city of California “Santa Barbara,” LightOpen has more than 38 employees.