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CFO Stéphane Lhopiteau is the second executive officer to resign due to Atos’ split-off plans. Earlier, CEO Rodolphe Belmer announced his departure.

Atos is a large French IT service provider. The majority of the board wants to change the company’s course. The organizations will be split into two parts: profitable activities (SpinCo) and less profitable activities (TFCo).

The profitable division consists of big data and security services (BDS) and the company’s IT department. The less profitable division hosts the company’s infrastructure management services.

CEO Rodolphe Belmer disagreed with this split. He wanted to sell the security division, but failed to find common ground with the board. As a result, Belmer decided to resign. Now that CFO Stéphane Lhopiteau is following suit in the second half of this year, a carousel is underway.


Lhopiteau will be replaced as CFO by Nathalie Sénéchault. Anil Agrawal will be the CFO of SpinCo, which integrates BDS and the Evidian division. Darren Pilcher is the new CFO of TFCo, which is now referred to as New Atos.

Philippe Oliva and Nourdine Bihmane were been appointed as CEOs for SpinCo and TFCo (New Atos) respectively. Investors responded negatively to the plan. Last week, Atos shares fell by 25 percent.

Tip: Atos CEO steps down, share price drops by 25 percent